If you’ve ever said the words

“I’ve just not got enough hours in the day”

Or an even more simple version

“I’m too busy to do X”

Then this, my lovely reader is written just for you.

And if it makes you feel any better, approx. 99% of people who have stumbled onto this, will also be saying yes.

In 15 years + of coaching, it comes up a lot.

I say it to myself at least once per day, but these days, I catch myself saying it and ask myself…

“Is that REALLY true”

The reality is of course, priority rather than a lack of time (or perceived lack of time).

If someone right now said, could you tick off all of your house chores right this minute, I’d say:

“no, I’m working on a really important piece that people are going to read and experience life changing realisations, resulting in them loving every word I write and then wanting to sign up for some coaching with me”


But, if someone said to me,

“do you want to spend a few hours testing out some amazing cakes I’ve just made, as I need to work out which one I’m going to submit for the best cake of the year award …”

I wouldn’t hesitate and I’d be helping them eat that cake before they’s even finished their sentence.


The reason being, is we will generally want to do things that make us feel good at this moment in time (short term wins).

They provide a distraction from the worse task and hopefully make us feel better, even though that worse task is still there when we are finished.

And this can happen frequently during the day for some people too.

Minor distractions that might feel like they’ve only taken 5 minutes out of your day, but very quickly add up.

One example, the big one – Facebook.

“Yeah, yeah, Ant. You’re going to tell me to delete my social media accounts, become a hermit and live in seclusion and never socialise again”

Well, it might give you a bit more training time… 😉

But nope, I’m actually not (social = happy time, and happy people are more consistent with their training).

I am suggesting however that we need to become more mindful of how we are using out time on apps like these.

The 5 minute check can quickly become 30 minutes +

It’s the kind of delay where you log on and then forget why you logged on and before realising, it’s dark outside and you’ve not done your jobs for the day.

I’m not saying that all actions like this are simple to avoid.

People have a lot of very good uses for certain apps, the common one is social media for business/marketing.

But I will suggest (as I realised myself) that we make a lot of these little decisions over the course of a day that can add up to hours each week.

The resulting fact is that we end up feeling “busy” but not productive.

And that’s the crux of this piece and a big subject on a course I’m writing at this moment.

Being productive with training, with work, with home stuff is crucial for success in life and in your training too.

It’s not avoiding any social events.

It’s not deleting Facebook and giving all your friends the middle finger because training is more important.

It’s spending time working out how best to utilise your time and what really makes you happy.

Is 30 minutes of scrolling on social at midday going to help you work better, or run faster?

Or would that time be better spent doing some yoga, or even watching a video on an interesting subject?

As always, it’s your call and not my place to say what is right or wrong.

But what I will say is if you can minimise distractions, especially whilst working or trying to focus on certain jobs/chores.

Chances are, they get ticked off quicker and leave you a touch more time to get your training done too (or even to score some more zzz’s and boost your recovery)

Thanks for reading.