It’s About Me

Some Brands Need A Face

This is mine.

It says, trust me I know what I’m doing.

And it also has a couple of product placements like a Precision Hydration cap that let’s you know I’m serious about hydration when I’m going long.

My Rolex is sadly just out of shot, but that would tell you I’m a real baller when it comes to business.

My Ferrari is parked down by the beach in the background.

I really should have parked it closer.

I’ll try and add them in later 😉

My ‘CV’

Held professional writing positions mostly in small to medium sized businesses

Responsible for delivering everything from social media copy to 1,000+ word articles/blogs/features and even scripts for educational/promotional videos.

Managed email software for companies that have struggled to keep track of what emails to send and when (Aweber/Mailchimp expert)

In short, I write things that keep people reading and coming back for more.
To get them excited to open your next email or to read your next blog post.

Ultimately, it’s about getting eyes on your brand.
Because I know, increasing eyes on YOU will help boost your sales numbers.

But what should an ideal about page contain?

Well, this about page is a few little hints on how you can make your about page really shout about you/your product/your service.

The about page is often overlooked.

But, it’s where the customer will go (like you have) to find out more about this person that’s popped up on your radar.

Instinctively, you want to find out a little about them.

Are they any good?

Can they really help you solve problem X, Y or Z in your life right now?

And in your about page, YOU want to let them know exactly how you can help.

But, importantly, you want to avoid using the standard cliches…


"I'm a qualified Level 3 Coach"


"We are the BEST events company"


"Our products are the best quality"

When talking about you…

You want to avoid telling people how good you are.

You need to show them.

People don’t buy your certifications.

They don’t buy a statement.

They will buy on one major thing.

And that thing is…

The Result

Generally, we purchase things to make us feel better (a fancy bike)

Or to give us more focus in your training (events companies)

And maybe to help us get faster (coaching).

Each of these things fills a need that we perceive right now.

Your about page is there to show them that you can make this happen for them.

And then you want to try and get them to take action.

Like this page – It’s been laid out to give you some key nuggets of advice so you know I know what I’m talking about.

Even so, I know you are going to have some questions.

Like : “If I can’t talk about myself, what can I talk about?”

Or : “How much is it for you to write my website copy for me?”

Pop your number one question below and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours:

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