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Copywriter and coach based in the New Forest, UK. Currently juggling words and motivating athletes.

Everything Starts With A Story.

Your website, your emails, your content should scream about it.

People don’t buy products, they buy feelings and results.

What does your product or service help them achieve or do?

The way you TELL your story matters now more than it ever has.

It could be a unique spin

(like a passionate endurance person being your personal email marketer)

It could be how your product has made life easier or helped more people finish ultra events without visiting every portaloo.

Or maybe how your event happens to take in some epic scenery that has people coming back just to get that picture for their social media profile picture.

What’s Your Story?

You Mean Books?

No, I mean YOUR story about your product or service.

It matters. “It’s not what you say that stirs people, it’s the way you say it” – William Bernbach

(That guy worked in advertising)

“But Ant, I wanna make some money, not write a book!”

Yeah, I hear you. I do too.

I’m drawn to the endurance space because it’s been a life changer for me. From a young age, I was average. Grades were decent. Sport was below average. But when I hit college, I realised I could suffer for a long time and found triathlon (and eventually ultra running).

I might not have been the fastest, but after working my ass off I got better.. I love endurance, it’s become my life, my social circles and my job… So I became a coach and loved it.

I found clients through writing a regular email.

Writing about training theory and insights that saw regular open rates around 40-50%.

Over time, it built a following and this became a reliable way for me to find athletes to be coached as and when I needed to refill my books.

That’s my mini story (there’s more on the all important ‘about’ page too).

There’s no get rich quick scheme. Like a good marathon, it takes weeks/months of decent training to get the result you are looking for.

Your training is the art of honing your email list and utilising your website to have clients/customers for life because they love what you do and how you do it.

You could rush it and buy more subscribers.

You could force sales on your customers or bombard them with offers.

Or, you could follow the WGL method.

Bringing your website to life, engaging your email subscribers and having customers that love your communication.

I Don’t Work With Just Anyone…


From endurance brands promoting their products, from elastic laces to super bikes.

You have the product, I’ll work with you to get your message out and people lining up to find out more.

Getting people to buy into you (or your product unless you are Steve Jobs) is much simpler when they trust your brand.

Event Co’s

You’ve got enough on your hands with risk assessments, dealing with customers and getting those signs out.

My focus is on getting those events sold out and keeping your athletes informed on what’s happening.

Social media posts, email content, training plan downloads are just some of the ways we can ensure your customers are more prepared for your event and love hearing from you.


You specialise in working WITH people to get them the results they want and that’s what you enjoy.

Those time consuming jobs like marketing, chasing leads and your accounts are perfect for offloading to the right person.

I work with a small number of coaches at at time to ensure their websites attract the right type of clients, their emails aren’t just informational, but get them buyers and importantly that they are in constant communication with their athletes.

Anyone Else?

Oh yeah, if you aren’t covered in the above…

I might still be able to help – my expertise is in the endurance world of running/cycling and triathlon – so if you work in that category reach out and let’s talk.

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